As a red carpet mainstay, with an illustrious clientele across the world, Mark Bumgarner has achieved critical success through his one-off feminine designs and signature soft architecture. Coming from the glossy world of society pages, the young couturier sees 2019 with a brand new direction: Enter Bumgarner Studios.



From light-air-dresses, figure hugging bustier tops, wide-leg trousers, and sensational skirts, each piece evokes the same discipline and aesthetic rigor that Bumgarner puts in each of his specialty gowns, but with the versatility and malleability to transform from red carpet to ready-to-wear. Beyond fashionable clothing, Bumgarner Studios further expands its portfolio, offering jewelry, footwear, and leather goods. The RTW line stands alone as a go-to fashion haven for the contemporary Filipina whose astute sartorial taste can discern trends, but will always go back to classic femininity through high quality fashion selections.








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